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SEO Fundamentals For Web Designers
Date Added: July 17, 2011 06:39:54 AM

Web designers are not SEO experts by any means, but they are supposed to have some basic understanding of SEO when they are designing and putting together web pages. Experts believe that majority of on-page optimisation is done during the design phase of a site.  So, some basic points that we are going to be discussing here must be kept in mind while designing web pages.

·         Using Relevant and Unique Titles To Each Page

Go to right now and type ‘untitled document’ thousands of sites would turn up. Even though this is a SEO guy’s mistake but this can be done right at tehtime website design. All you have to do is assign a relevant and unique title to each page. It’s a huge factor in SEO.

·         Use Less Idle Code

HTML with tables use a lot of junk code that can be avoided if you used CSS. If you must use tables keep the code to minimum.

·         Minimise Object Size

Every webpage has a lot of objects- scripts, text, images, animation, audio files, stylesheet etc. The overall size of the webpage that loads depends upon all these objects. To make yrou site load faster even on slower connections you have to kee teh size to a  minimum ad use scripts that do no need to be loaded every time a page of yoru side is loaded. Faster site means better traffic.

·         Correct Navigation

Sit with the client and categorise teh content in the best way possible. You don;t want a messy criss-cross of a navigation. Links are a life and soul of any site. By wasting with random navigation you commit a huge SEO sin.

·         Place Sitemap in the upper left hand corner

Please always always use a sitemap. Best place to link ytou sitemap is ot place it right in the top left-corner of the page. This is where seach engines start crawling so you make yoru sitemap available to them there.

·         Website Should be in Root not in a Sub-directory or folder

Silly mistake and lot of guys won;t do it consciously, but there are a lot of sites out there resting in sub-directories or folders. Main index.html should be in the root.

·         Cross-Browser Compatible

Please always test your site against various different browsers. This is a must if you want more and more pople to access your site. Search engines also take this as an important aspect of your site.

·         Screen size Fluidity

This is another accessibility feature that’s so easy these days. Do not use fixed width unless you are given strict reasons to do so. With advance codes available you can make fluid width that’ll fit all screen sizes.

·         W3C Valid Code

Seacrch engines love correct code. W3C validation helps you get that correct code. This can be done easily at the time of designing.

Victor Solovey is a specialist small business web designer who focuses on getting you sites that convert well. He has a number of successful clients that keep coming back for more work. You can contact him to do psd to html conversions quickly.

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