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A PC Upgrade or Replace
Date Added: August 01, 2010 02:05:47 PM

Due to the innovative nature of software and advacement of science and technology,the upgradation or replacement of  a persoal computer is an issue for every computer user.Every day advance version of software are coming into the market thereby forcing the PC user to upgrade or replace the hardware.A simple solution to this issue is a rule that states if the upgradation cost of PC is greater than 50% of the newer PC,then replacement is recommended otherwise upgradation would be better.Let us take a look at some items that can be upgraded easily in the persoal computer.


The primay memory is supposed to be the first and easy part of PC that can be upgraded with cost effecive way.More RAM mean better efficiency of the system with better performance.keeping other system components of the system RAM can be adjusted to that much mega or gigabytes.

2 Hard Drive.

 For a PC the second easy thing to upgrade is the Hard drive so called the secondary memory of the PC.The space of the hard drive is becoming double after every two years,the more data and information we want to save the more hard drive space we would be needed.


Also called video graphics adapter and special for those users who are using 3D application softwares like games and othe graphics software.


 Cental processing unit known as the brain of computer should be upgraded in order to get the maximum performance.if the mother board support the upgradation of CPU then it is strongly suggested to upgrade it.


 if the upgradation cost is more than the 50% of the newer,then replacement is suggested.But what to do with the old should used it as a backup system or donate it to someone but personally i recommed to use it as a backup system.

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